Airplane Used to Launch Black Hole Observing Telescope

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NASA wants to take a closer look at the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. The black hole emits high-energy x-rays that makes it difficult to observe with current space telescopes.


“The view of the center of our galaxy … is a rather fuzzy image. We think it’s much more complicated,” physicist William Craig of the University of California, Berkeley, said during a NASA press conference Monday.

In order to get a clearer view of the x-ray sky, NASA created a new space telescope called NuSTAR or nuclear spectroscropic telescope array. NuSTAR can significantly contribute in the study of how galaxies, stars and solar systems are formed

“One of NuSTAR’s primary science goals is to study … the extreme physics near black holes, where spacetime is very distorted and particles are accelerated close to the speed of light,” Fiona Harrison, an astrophysicist at Caltech and another NuSTAR team member, said during the press conference. “It will also help us understand how black holes are distributed throughout the universe.”

NASA is using an airplane to launch the telescope to lower the cost of program. A Stargazer airplane, a modified Lockheed aircraft, is used for the launch. As it reached the altitude of 40,000 feet, it will release the rocket carrying the NuSTAR and launch it into orbit.

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US Air Force receives the last F-22 Raptor

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Last May 2, 2012, the company’s F-22 Raptor Program Manager Jeff Babione handed over a ceremonial key for the last Raptor to the US Air Force (USAF) Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz who then handed it over to pilot Lt Col Paul “Max” Moga, who then passed it onto his crew chief, Staff Sgt Damon Crawford. USAF dignitaries attended the event including Lockheed Martin Chief Executive Bob Stevens, and Generals Mike Hostage, Edward Rice and Gary North.

“The delivery represents an important element in our overall modernisation effort,” Schwartz says. “We continue to focus on ensuring that these capabilities will help shape the future security environment, not just respond to them.”

“If someone had told me in 2004, when I first started flying the Raptor, that I would have the honor of flying the last production jet out of Marietta, I’d have never believed them,” says Moga, commander of 525th FS, who will fly the jet to Alaska. 3rd Wg Cdr Col Dirk “Stuff” Smith will fly tail 4193 Elemendorf-Richardson.

“The F-22 weapon system is a testament to this country’s industrial strength, technological power and aviation ingenuity. Any line worker, engineer or supervisor that was involved in building the Raptor should feel an immense amount of pride in what they have accomplished. It is far and away the most lethal fighter aircraft ever built – a fact that will unfortunately, but most certainly, be proven in combat some day,” Moga added. “Rest assured…the F-22 has and will save lives.” Moga praises those who built the powerful twin-engined stealth fighter.

The F-22 Raptor aircraft served as an air superiority fighter against the Soviet Air Force. This aircraft is capable of ground attack, electronic warfare and signals intelligence roles. F-22 Raptor is a combination of stealth, maneuverability, integrated avionics and improved supportability. It performs both air-to- air and air-to-ground missions, making it an essential property to USAF.

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