Pakistani Navy Receives 2nd Batch of P3C Aircraft from US

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The Pakistan Navy Fleet has inducted the second batch of the P3C aircraft that it received from the United States. Under the Foreign Military Funding (FMF), the Pakistani Navy is a recipient of modified P3C aircraft. The induction was held at the Naval Aviation Base in Karachi.

The Pakistan navy is expected to receive six units of P3C aircraft that will arrive in batches of two. The first batch was inducted into navy fleet in 2010. The P3C aircraft is equipped with the latest avionic and sensor technology. It has an advanced surveillance capability which would be very advantageous in the Pakistan Navy’s mission of watching over the North Arabian Sea.

The North Arabian Sea is a vital trade and energy passage for global economy. It is also a site of intense military activity – both legal and illegal thus requiring intense vigilance.

The P3C aircraft can be used for weapons transportation and designed to have single integrated tactical picture of the battle space which it receives from several aircraft sensors and information from other platforms.


U.S Navy Crew Joins Search For Air France

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A U.S. Navy aircrew joined the international search June 2 for survivors and debris from an Air France aircraft that went missing off the Brazilian coast, U.S. Southern Command officials announced.

A U.S. Navy P-3C Orion and its 21 crew members reported to Augusto Severo Airfield in Natal, Brazil, June 1 and joined search operations for Air France Flight 447, officials said.

The crew deployed from its forward operating location in Comalapa Air Base, El Salvador, where it was supporting regional illicit trafficking detection and reporting operations, officials said.

U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) dispatched the aircraft and crew after Brazilian officials accepted the command’s offer to assist with the search.

SOUTHCOM also directed a combat rescue officer from Joint Task Force-Bravo, located at Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras, to Recife, Brazil. There, he will help the Brazilian Rescue Coordination Center coordinate rescue assets, officials said.

Air traffic controllers lost contact with the Air France Airbus A330-200 aircraft during a severe lightning storm after takeoff from Rio de Janiero. The aircraft, bound for Paris, disappeared with 228 passengers aboard.

A Brazilian air force crew reported June 2 that they had spotted debris floating in the South Atlantic that could have come from the aircraft.

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