Boeing 737 Ready to Compete with Airbus

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The Boeing Company is on the last stages of making over their 737 aircraft model. It aims to compete with their European competitor Airbus on aircraft fuel-efficiency amidst the soaring fuel prices.

The aviation company revealed several design choices that can lower weight and wind resistance for its upcoming 737 MAX. It had fixed on an 8-inch nose gear extension to make way for a larger engine fan.

The biggest airplane manufacturers are upgrading their airplane models with bigger engines to improve fuel-savings.

“My feeling about it is what they’re saying is plausible. And I’ll just wait until we see the results,” said Hans Weber, president of technology management consultancy Tecop International.

For 40 years, Boeing 737 has been the most-sold aircraft model. It is a major part of airline fleets world-wide. Boeing juggles engineering considerations, market opportunities and costs in upgrading it into the 737 MAX.

Boeing’s main rival, Airbus is also developing Airbus A320neo that will feature updated engines and offers fuel savings of up to 15 percent than the current A320 Airbus model.

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