Pilot in the Afghan Helicopter Crash is Possibly Showing-Off

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The US Military is investigating the pilot involved in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan last month. The Apache attack helicopter had flown dangerously low at an Afghan outpost before crashing into the ground. No one on the ground was hurt, the helicopter crew survived with minor injuries.

The crash was caught in an amateur video and went viral in the Internet. The military is looking at the possibility that the pilot was showing-off.

The video shows the helicopter swooping low above a coalition outpost before narrowly missing a building then pulling back. The Apache helicopter came back around, then seemed to lose control after a steep ascent causing it to drop low and slammed its belly into the ground. It appeared to skid toward a group of people, but momentarily came off the ground and then crashed again.

A former Blackhawk helicopter thought the Apache pilot looked like performing a “return to target” maneuver – it involves a 180 degree turn after a low swoop and then followed by another swoop. Apache pilots are extensively trained for this standard maneuver.

No enemy activity was reported in the area at that time and several military officials are concluding that it is possible that the pilot was entertaining the spectators on the ground.

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news source: abcnews.go.com

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  1. tavo
    May 22, 2012 @ 09:14:49

    I have seen something like this brofee. It does need 3 person team to operate. Helis like this one were used in New Orleans, La after the storms. Mostly it was used by insurance aompanies to check the building integrity of some of the big resorts and casinos. in other cases they were used to deliver one liter bottles of water to rooftops of stranded home owners. pretty neat i think.

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