AH-64 Apache Longbow Helicopter Clear Canopy Model

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A revolutionary development in the history of war, the Apache helicopter was designed to survive heavy attacks and to inflict great damage. Essentially a flying tank, this helicopter is a nightmare among ground forces. It is known to be the most lethal helicopter to wreak havoc and of the reasons is the AH-64 Apache’s Hellfire Missile which can obliterate hostilities with deadly precision. It is computer controlled and unrelenting in chasing its target when fired. It can also demolish targets up to 150 kilometers away. This already amazing range can be doubled to 300 kilometers by attaching peripheral fuel containers to the missiles.

The company Hughes Helicopters developed the first series of Apache helicopters in the 1970s. McDonnell Douglas bought Hughes Helicopters in 1984, then Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas in 1997. The original design, AH-64A Apache, is gradually being replaced by the U.S. Military with the more advanced AH-64D Apache Longbow.

In an AH-64A, the crew were to sit in tandem in an armored compartment. The AH-64A variant was powered by two GE T700 turboshaft engines. It was equipped with the -701 engine version until 1990 when the engines were switched to the more powerful -701C version.

The AH-64D “Long Bow” variant on the other hand is equipped with an advanced sensor suite and a glass cockpit. The main improvement of the D-variant over the A-variant is the dome installed over the main rotor, housing the AN/APG-78 Longbow millimeter-wave Fire Control Radar (FCR) target acquisition system and the Radar Frequency Interferometer (RFI). The raised position of the radome enables the detection of targets and launching of missiles while the helicopter is behind obstacles like terrain, trees, or buildings. A radio modem integrated with the sensor suite allows data to be shared with other D-models; allowing them to fire on targets detected by a single helicopter.

Bearing magnificence and intimidation into battlefields, the Apache helicopter can also bring forth amazement and splendor in a scale size replica. Warplanes creates Apache helicopter scale model aircraft which are accurately made to look like the actual helicopter – only smaller in size. Warplanes tries to produce wooden airplane models which can proudly stand next to the real deal.

- Apache Helicopter Regular Wood Model
- Apache Helicopter Clear Canopy Wood Model

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